Lightning strikes can have devastating consequences on properties whether it is a commercial building, residential, sub-station, etc. A lightning protection system can provide a safe path to the high charges from lightning current to ground, as a result preventing the structure from risk of a direct strike on an asset and possible fires. Moreover, financial loss or death can be minimized and prevented by a specialized design & installation of a lightning protection system.

NESDesign team can assist prospect to design new lightning protection systems or review an existing installation for adequate conformity to standards. We institute a 3D software to design lightning protection systems for almost all applications.

In brief our capabilities include:

  • Lightning shielding design utilizing the Rolling Sphere Method (RSM).
  • Lightning system integration with earthing system design
  • Lightning protection system performance and certification.
  • Analysis of existing lightning protection installation
  • Adequate earthing for lightning protection systems
  • Coordinated surge protection systems.
  • Lightning Risk Assessment.
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Damage Electronics
  • Downtime

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We provide round-the -clock system monitoring for optimal operation. As a result you don't need to worry about unpredictable equipment failure. You will be inform by our support team, when it's time to plan for any protecting device replacement. With this approach your customer satisfaction is drastically busted.

All systems are installaed with conformity to ICE (International Electrotechnical Commition) standard 62305

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NES Technologies is currently preventing many establishment from the unpredictable hazards of lightning strikes.